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Advisory Board of WESS

  Dr. Manisha : Propaganda Minister  
  Mr. Nikhil Behri : Legal Advisor  
  Mr. Arvind Soni : Financial Advisor  
  Mr. Rajnit Kumar : IT Support  
  Mrs. Shewli Dey  : Social Media  
  Mr. Anil Thakur       : Administration  
Roll of Advisory Members  
Promotion of your activity throughout WESS extensive communications, PR activity, Events & Legal Counselling” Crime Against Women and Men through WESS on board Lawer and councillor.
Opportunity to participate in the scheduled meetings with fellow professionals from the security industries.
Requesting for self defense and security workshop for their own children and community.
Opportunities for event sponsorships.
Participate in WESS meetings, workshops, seminars and exhibitions at discounted rates.
Discounted Safety & Security training courses, workshops.
WESS Periodic Circulars, Newsletters, etc.
Certificate of WESS Membership.
Voting rights and chance to be part of national office bearers, and core management committee. (Corporate members only).
Growing your business by intense growth of industry.