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Association - Women Empowerment Safety & Security Foundation

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Roll of Association
It shall empower and educate the community specially women for the own safety & security of themselves and their loved ones for worst case scenario and situations should they need to face it.
Primary safety skill education to be imparted at the School, Institutes, Corporate, CSR and college level.
Create awareness among rural men and women about their safety, health and security through mentoring ,workshops and campaigns.
Shall be providing members and the Security Professionals with access a full range of programs and services and promote excellence and leadership in the security and women empowerment subjects.
Membership will be open for all individual who want to make India safe and are inclined towards the women empowerment in various subjects.
To promote education at a higher level in various parts Haryana state especially for girls.
It will be our endeavor to provide the women and men the basic awareness on how to create a secure society, on gender sensitization, and in helping the society to create a safe and secure environment through mentoring and counseling.
Our Association is an opportunity for women from around the world to strengthen their connections, empower them, honor their talents, recognize their achievements in their professional and personal lives and collaborate on approaches to advancing women’s empowerment.
We would like to be able to provide the women a strong platform to share their ideas and ideologies through networking and seminar on various topics.
Inspire women to aim for higher standard of living, raise their ambitions, and help them realize their hopes and dreams through the seminar and time to time workshops, events.
Encourage and support women to become active in community and contribute more actively towards the development of our society.
To organize regular event, and award functions to motivate & provide strength to the endeavors of women who have achieved or are in their successful course of achievement.
We shall make individual and corporate members across the states and each state shall have their own chapters.
To workclosely with other NGO’s, NCB’s, local and civil and administrative authorities, Commissioner of Police and  women federations to support any cause related to women empowerment world over.
To provide a different education which empowers people for the real life by incorporating progressive techniques, learning theories, and methodologies (Character). In a nutshell induce a system in all institutions to provide education to ensure socio economic and cultural transformation.