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About Women Empowerment Safety & Security Foundation

To help develop a sense of safety and security in every person.
To build confidence and create awareness in people to help sense danger and handle situations in accordance.
To organize self defense workshops in schools/ community centers/ villages and other available options to avert crime and make out city, state and country a safer place.
To help build a safe, secure and empowered society, free of gender discrimination and uphold high values, respect for all fellow citizens.WESS founded with passionate effort of “Veena Gupta & team members” to help and secure the females in all aspects of life. With her magnificent efforts WESS is reaching at a new milestone everyday.So many females, girls, working women, house wives etc. privileged by getting a proper training to how to tackle day to day heckles , which they face in daily life in several ways.
Empowerment: All women and girls should have the right to make their own decisions and have control over their lives.
Peace: All women and girls should have the right to live in violence-free families and communities.
Respect: All women and girls to be treated with respect and dignity. Partnership: We must join hands with various other associations to promote our values. No single organization cansingle handedly work to a peaceful and secure environment.
Teamwork: Include society as a whole, without any gender bias to work together and achieve the common goal of a secure& safe society.

WESS aims to make the society safer by creating the awareness and by imparting self defense training to women through programs and workshops at their places of work so that they can face any untoward situation in case of need.

  • To impart primary safety skill education to all in at Schools, Institutes,  Colleges and Corporate  in various parts of Haryana State, especially to girls and women in villages and weaker sections of society
  • To create awareness among Rural women along with the men about their safety, Health  and security through mentoring ,workshops and campaigns
  • Membership will be open for all individuals, corporate, Institutions and security professionals who want to make India a safe society and are inclined towards achieving our goals.
  • WESS members will get access to a full range of programs and services and promote excellence and leadership in the area of safety, security and women empowerment. 
  • It will be our endeavor to create awareness on how to achieve a secure society by gender sensitization, counseling and mentoring with an aim to create a safe and secure surrounding for our children.
  • WESS shall provide the women a strong platform to share their life time achievements & success stories amongst each other through networking and seminar on various related topics.
  • WESS shall be organizing regular events, Award Functions & training programmers from time to time to motivate & strengthen the endeavors of women who have achieved or are on the path to achievement of our common goal of women’s empowerment.
Admin Team of WESS
Veena Gupta : Founder President
Indu Saini : Seceratary
Sangeeta Adalkha : Vice President
Rajiv Mathur : Joint Secretary
Bharti Patwal   : Treasurer